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106" Motorized Projector Screen (16:9)

Price: $399.00
Brand new + full warranty.

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Code: SCR106M


The smooth-running electric motor allows the screen to scroll up and down with its in-line switch. The scratch resistant steel white case will protect the screen when its not in use as well as blend into any décor. Once the screen is pulled down, enjoy the screen's matte white viewing surface, which diffuses projected light uniformly over the screen- creating ideal viewing from any angle. Black mask-ing borders around the sides of the screen increase picture focus and contrast. The HDTV (widescreen) versions include a black masking border above the image for a crisp clean look. It's the ultimate electric projection screen.

Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Nominal Diagonal Size: 106"
Screen Size: 96" x 64"
Viewing Size: 92" x 52"
Screen Material: Matte White
Top Mask: 12"
Case Size: Length: 105" Diameter: 3.4"
Gain: 1.0
Wireless IR Remote included
Electric Cord Length: 98”
Inline Switch Included
Installs to Wall or Ceiling
Installation hardware included
Washable screen surface (mild soap and water)