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Sima 92" Fixed Frame Projection Screen - MGM-92-VX

Price: $145.00
Brand new + full warranty.

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Extended Warranty

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3 year warranty - [$49.99]
3 year accidental warranty - [$69.99]


16:9 HDTV Aspect Ratio
Dual Gray / White Screen Surface
Aluminum Frame With Black Velvet
Wall Mountable
Installation Hardware Included

Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Nominal Diagonal Size: 120"
Screen Size: 107" x 72"
Viewing Size: 104" x 59"
Screen Material: Matte White
Top Mask: 12"
Case Size: Lenght: 112" Diameter: 2.6"
Gain: 1.0
Installs to Wall or Ceiling
Installation hardware included
Washable screen surface (mild soap and water)