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Soundcraft LX7ii 16 Channel Live Mixing Console - RW5674

Soundcraft LX7ii 16 Channel Live Mixing Console - RW5674
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The Soundcraft LX7 II series of professional analog consoles improves upon an impressive feature set, suited to meet the demands of professional recording and live sound engineers. The LX7 II series is available in 16, 24 and 32 input configurations. Every input features balanced 1/4" phone line level inputs, direct outputs are featured on the first 16 channels for recording and monitoring applications.

High quality redesigned microphone preamps are located on every input channel, as well as 1/4" TRS phone inserts for routing signal to external processors. All LX7 II configurations feature 4 sub group outputs that can be used for routing signal to monitors, recorders etc. 6 Aux sends are featured and provide routing to external effects and signal processors. The LX7 II series features the routing and functionality that will prove suitable for crucial recording and live sound reinforcement.

16 Input Configuration
The LX7 II console is available in three different channel configurations. This model features 16 input channels with 4 sub group outputs.

4 Sub Group Outputs
4 sub group outputs are featured and allow audio signals to be routed to multi track recorders and monitors.

Inserts are featured on all input channels and group outputs. Inserts allow routing to and from external signal processors.

Enhanced Mic Preamplifiers
Every input features a Graham Blyth designed microphone preamplifier that delivers exceptional headroom, smooth detail and very low noise floor.