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Sunfire Dynamic 8" Subwoofer System - SDS-8

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The DS8 is the perfect choice for systems where small size and high output are equally important. Sunfires digital amplifier delivers 400W of peak output with unprecedented performance at this price. A front firing 8 custom Sunfire driver is acoustically matched to an 8 down-firing passive radiator creating nearly double the output compared to conventional single-driver designs. Small rooms big bass no problem!
Performance Frequency Response 32-150Hz Maximum SPL (inc. room gain) 100 db Driver Impedance 4 ohms Input Impedance 10K ohms General Power Consumption (120VAC 50-60Hz) 30W (Based on 1/8th power all the time at 35Hz) Standby Consuption (120VAC 50-60Hz) 0.5W Dimensions (W x H x D) including grill and feet 13.75 x 11.75 x 12.44" / 349 x 298 x 316 mm Weight 20 lb / 9.1kg