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Taramps four way electronic crossover - CRX4

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Code: CRX4

Electronic Crossover of 12dB with 4 tracks;
LOW: With cut variable (LPF) from 45 to 275Hz and strengthening of serious of +6dB ( "bass boost") adjustable from 20 to 65Hz;
MID-LOW: With initial cutting (HPF) variable from 25Hz to 140Hz and final cutting (LPF) variable of 300Hz to 7.5KHz ;
MID-HIGH: With initial cutting (HPF) variable of 200Hz to 4.6KHz and final cutting (LPF) variable to 1.2KHz the 12KHz;
HIGH: With cut variable (HPF) of 550Hz to 12KHz;
Level Controls individual;
Tracks LOW and MID-LOW mono, with independent inputs;
Tracks HIGH AND MID-HIGH stereo, separated from inputs LOW and MID-LOW;
Dimensions: 190 x 145 x 40mm / 7.48 x 5.7 x 1.57 in
Weight: .56Kg / 1.23lbs